Carla Chapman started The Bester’s Foundation Inc. with a clear mission in mind. To relieve the communities of Atlanta of homelessness. She is a native of this city, and has witnessed first hand what has happened and what can be done. Carla has always been active in the community, and an avid caretaker of those with special needs before taking on starting a nonprofit. Her compassion, and perseverance to see the best in those around her makes her the perfect fit to lead us to our mission. Carla works alongside her husband of 33years, three children, and a group of volunteers.

Our passion here is to repair families by providing assistance and rehabilitate those experiencing homelessness by providing programs like Hearts need homes. We understand that the difference between stability and homelessness is only a couple missed payments. We want to use financial assistance and societal readiness courses to stir our clients back on track.

One of our long-term goals will be to provide long-term stability to families by renovating abandoned buildings throughout the metro atlanta area. We found that most shelters are either for women & children or men only. We want to establish a place where families or familiar units can rehabilitate together. We plan to build our expertise and database of clients by providing outpatient services first which will include bill assistance, a food pantry, etc.

The Metro Atlanta area includes surrounding counties including Dekalb county. We hope to find families and/or familiar units (a group of two or more individuals who are not a traditional family by standards of marriage or birth).


The Bester's foundation will shelter, educate, rehabilitate and restore those in need of assistance in our surrounding communities and neighborhoods. We vow to use our resources to provide an increase in quality of life and repair the broken spirits in our care, who will in return, become vital members of the community.